Mission Statement

Our commitment to you is to be as honest and vulnerable as we can, while discussing each show’s topic. We will freely discuss our own experiences in dating, relationships, and sex. Our goal is to bring you along with us on this journey to self-discovery.

Best wishes and stay connected.

Mara Adelman

Mara Adelman

As a sexuality coach and a Physician Assistant, I greatly enjoy merging my medical knowledge with my passion to help people understand this magical thing called love.

I have always gravitated toward understanding the complexities that exist in the areas of dating, relationships and sex. I can’t wait to share all I have learned along the way with you.

My personal motto as a dating coach is to help people find and keep love. If you are interested in dating, relationship and sex coaching, please find me at Lovecoachmara.com.

Susan Ruth

Susan Ruth

I’m the founder and host of the award-winning Hey Human podcast.

I’m also an abstract painter, screenwriter, award-winning songwriter, performer, and adventurer. I’m in this wild ride of life, making some mistakes and growing and learning in the process.

I’m no expert in love and relationships, but I’m here to share what works for me and to be honest in my own struggles and triumphs, with you.

Visit me at SusanRuth.com.